Shibyua Trafffic on 100ex.net

A friend of mine started this project which consists of printing series of photos, each at 100 copies, in French, 100 exemplaires, hence 100ex.net.

It so happens a photo of mine is photo number 2.

Here's the "about" page:

100ex is short for «100 exemplaires», 100 copies in french.

100ex aims at printing 100 copies of a post card motif to an actual A6-sized post card each month approximately. The images used are chosen on completely subjective grounds.

The post cards are then distributed in chosen places in Berlin, Seoul and in three french cities.

The first five post cards deal with the subject of «urban landscapes».

I've seen some of the candidates for the next photos to appear and they are pretty pretty pretty good. If you're very lucky, you might even find them IRL as they will be distributed in a few places around the world. Otherwise, you can always subscribe to 100ex.net RSS feed or visit 100ex.net from time to time to see new photos.