Day Against DRM - 2012


Tomorrow, May 4th 2012, will be Day Against DRM. Take a moment to reflect on the devices you perhaps use that may infringe on your digital Freedoms.

The short version is, many digital devices and software are designed to restrict the usage you can make of them. In some cases it is the device itself, in other cases it is the files you may purchase. For example, some e-books or films (movies) are sold in a way that do not allow you to use them in certain ways. There is even the incredible example of Amazon remotely deactivating the book 1984 from their Swindles (or Kindles ?).

Another interesting anecdote is South Korea's ministry of defense, they have decided to ban usage of Apple's Iphone because it is so restrictive that they cannot even guarantee the device is not recording them and sending data over wifi. The device is not under their control.

Visit the Day Against DRM website to learn more. See what you can do tomorrow, and after tomorrow.