GNU-Linux howtos

Self Hosted DMARC reports

You've implemented DMARC for some reason (deliverability) and now you'd like to read the reports to see whats up. Somehow, the only solutions people talk about, even when you ask specifically about a self hosted option, are things like Dmarcian, Postmarkapp and Fraudmarc.

There are a a

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Convert qcow2 to LVM

For some reason, I had setup a new virtual machine using qcow2, and it was slow, so slow. I had LVMs for all the others. I went out to see if it was possible to convert the qcow2 image to an LVM partition, and it turns out it was easy, but I did have to mix and match a few tips I found here and t

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Re-Allowing 'root' access to PhpMyAdmin

It seems that in the newer verion of MySQL (or MariaDB) that the user 'root' may no longer connect to the database server via PhpMyAdmin (and other such tools). After searching the Interwebs and finding a few backwards and complicated solutions I found a better way, a simple way, very simple. In

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Bindfs - Mount files as another user

Today I wanted to mount a directory that belongs to Bob in Alice's home directory while giving Alice full permissions. This is how I found out about Bindfs. I'll get straight to what I was trying to do with the hope that this will help someone out there.

To install Bindfs:

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Remotely Encrypt a Debian Server

These notes may help you in the case where you need to install a server without ever having access to the console. In this case the OS is also pre-installed, either by an automated system or by the server provider.

The plan is to get a base server OS installed on a small partition, for

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There are many tutorials about OpenVPN, the most I've found where either too detailed to get something running real quick or way to short to actually understand what's going on. I like finding docs that get the crap running real quick and then going back over it with more detailed articles and su

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Debian Lenny on Aspire One


This page is complementary to the Debian Wiki page dedicated to this machine.. so here are some things that are not (yet) on that page and are maybe a tiny bit off topic (kde related) etc.. I might add some of it, if i don't, whoever maintains t

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Using SSHFS to mount distant filesystems

Sometimes you want ("need") to mount a distant filesystem but you don't want ("have the time") to install NFS or something like that just for this particular need. .. and then you also realize that NFS (in a simple config) is not crypted and
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basic commands

I originally wrote this tutorial when i first started using linux, at the my debuts I suffered and so I decided to help myself and others by writing a little howto for the first (or almost first) steps with GNU/Linux. I started by writing some notes about how to get around the filesystem, copy fi

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kubuntu on acer aspire one

the acer aspire one is one of those new tiny laptops with an SSD disk drive, i got the one with linpus linux which of course is useless for someone who does "things" with his/her computer.. . so i decided to install linux.. :] instead of putting debian stable as i usually do i decided to go cr

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Trickle is a program that can shape bandwidth of TCP traffic. I find it quite useful when I want to upload large files without eating up all the bandwidth, at least that is the most useful usage for me.

I have tried using trickled with tricked.conf but i find it somewhat useless, it's s

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Letsencrypt - Manual mode

In this quick howto, we'll see how to use Letencrypt in manual mode on Debian Jessie (with a mix of Stretch/testing). The idea is to generate the needed files and then copy them over to the web server (Apache in this case).

In this scenario there are 2 different machines

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install debian via usb

this little howto shows how to get a usb stick to act like an install cd for debian.. .


  • the image file: boot.img.gz (hd-media)
  • the iso image: iso debian-xxx-netinst.iso
  • a usb stick


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PulseAudio: Sound over the network

Update 1:
I added the package dbus-x11 which needs to be manually installed for this to work on a system that has no X server.
Update 2:
I added a tunnel setup that I got from a helpful person on pulseaudio's IRC channel.

It may have t

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Migrate emails with Imapcopy

I remember a while back migrating someone's email from one ISP to another using Thunderbird ! Well, duh, I just found a tool that seems to be a bit underrated, Imapcopy. There are many tools out there, but this one seemed simple yet efficient. However, for some odd reason it wasn't clear to me at

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Encrypt a Hard Drive - Lazy Guide

This is a lazy guide (mostly for me to refer to) on how to encrypt a hard drive on Debian GNU/Linux. What this lazy guide does not cover is how to make your machine bootable, so if you want to encrypt your whole system (very good practice), you should probably do it via your OS installer.

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XMPP with ejabberd

When I wanted to first install a jabber/xmpp server I started looking around and spent most of my time trying to figure out which server to install and that kind of discouraged me, as well I could not find any plug and play tutorial to get started, so I hope this compilation helps someone. This i

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replacing a hard drive

The idea is to totally replace a hard drive with a new one, this means copying all the data from each partition of the old hard drive to a new one. why? :

  • Your hard drive is old and/or "almost" broken (see smartmont
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Smart tools - S.M.A.R.T.

Smart is a system for surveilling the health state of hard drives, for more info please visit wikipedia. In short it's a great tool that one should use.

What you need

  • a disk drive (if the disk is within a compute
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GPS and Linux

so you have a bluetooth GPS reciever and you have a computer running linux with bluetooth capabilities, maybe you have not yet used them together. .. well here are a few things that may help. this tutorial has been written using Ubuntu, actually Kubuntu 8.04, i have done most things said here a

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NFS stands for Network File System, and yes this does mean that you can share files over the network.. . basically what you do with this is mount folders from a server onto a client. NFS uses IP addresses for "authentication", also it uses the servers file permissions plus UID and GIDnow enough

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Munin is a program that gives you some graphs about your system that you can visualize from a web page.

there are two parts to this, the server and the client, you can have one server and as many clients (nodes) as you may need, and so from the server you can read the infos from your node

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This program allows one to automate mounting and unmounting of different types of filesystems, be it a usb drive, samba share or nfs, and for sure others. It is like fstab but on demand.

What you will need

  • A kernel with the option "Kernel automounter" File Sy
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