subarctic lifestyle of a spotted mind

from my trip to the way up north churchill northern studies centre, the trip, the centre and aurora borealis compiled photos into a photo/video montage.

the photos are here

the log is over here

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Johnny Canuk

Sick Manu...

Finally got to see your montages. love em,

want more

your tuts are a wii beh too advanced for me, so perhaps in the near future. Gonna check out the usb boot first i think.

keep up the good work and get some more montages done... fahwk yah!


king richi

tolle Webseite
das hat mir besonders gut gefallen: subarctic lifestyle of a spotted mind


Artistic! What's the music in "aurora borealis" section? Gipsy kings?

You should upload this to youtube. It's great!

manu -

Hey Nux, Thanks \o/

The music is "CamarĂ³n - Nana del Caballo Grande"

As for youtube, I am still not sure about what I think about them. I'd also have to read and agree to their terms and conditions.. : ]

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