Are You Human ?


It's been a long time, it's not new, yet still, I hate Captcha.

Captcha is a test to ensure that the user of a computing system is a human, most of the times I fail. I think I have at least average reading skills, average vision and I'm of median age. I'm also used to looking at a computer screen all day long, doing various activities (sysadmin, photography, etc). But when it comes to Captcha, I just can't even.

It's not impossible, but I generally have to go through a few of these before the system belives I am human.

It even feels like these text Captchas have been getting harder and harder. This is probably because there are ways of solving Captha, like cheap labour or better OCR. Perhaps that's the one of the upsides, development of better OCR.

A few times, when asked to prove my humanity, I almost sprained my eyeball muscles trying to pass the test. I am human, but I can barely prove it.

I'm done with these tests, maybe that's how one can ultimately prove he or she is a human, by choosing not to submit themselves to ocular torture.