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This is a guest post from a good friend of mine.

Right now Brazilian people have reached a point where they can't stand the lack of social investment and massive pacific protests are happening everywhere in the country demanding better health, education, transport and infrastructure. Brazil is a rich country where politicians can get away with corruption by abusing the system.

A congressman makes millions a year paid by the government, but the minimum wage is just around $350/month.

When a politician is caught stealing, they hire dozens of lawyers and their politician friends start changing the laws to favour him. Nobody ever goes to jail and they even manage to get re-elected. Each senator costs the country $14,576,628 per year (USD), each deputy: $2,924,625 per year.

I set up Brazil Acorda to gather opinions, criticisms and denunciations about the rulers, showing what some the media does not show. This website operates outside of the usual social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) which should make it harder to censor.



Hello fellow guest poster :)
This sounds like a great idea!
I do not speak portuguese, so i dont really understand what is going on on Brazil Acorda. Can you tell us how it is coming along? Do you get feedback from people?

David -

Well… its kind of hard to do this in short time but I can tell you this:
1. The president has made a public statement
1.1. She said they are going to invest all the oil royalties to education
1.2. They are going to "import" doctors into the country
1.3. She called all the leaders of the protests to hear them
1.4. She called for a big coalition with governors to improve public transport.
2. The protests have continued. 99% of them are pacific and people form all ages are going to the streets.
3. The people keep asking for: better health, better public transport, less corruption
4. People managed to pressure enough and a new predict of law to favour corrupts was voted negatively
5. People does not believe the government measures are going to help on anything. The problem with hospitals are not going to be fixed because they import doctor from Cuba. The money from oil royalties is probably going to end on the pockets of corrupts and no real changes are going to happen.
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