Diaspora Corporation launches Makr (useless crap)

Diaspora - Making you want to go back to Facebook

Today the Diaspora Project launches a new service called Makr. On Diaspora's latest blog post they explain Makr using 6 paragraphs and an extra 3 FAQs. They managed to publish many words without explaining anything about Makr.

I went to Makr to see WTF they are talking about.

What they should have wrote in their blog post: We don't know how to convey ideas using words, so visit makr.io to find out what the WTF it actually is. If they knew about words they could have explained Makr in one phrase: Makr is a web tool to place text over images and then remix and share via Facebook.

One of the things they say is: We realized after a while, however, that giving people ownership over their bits was only part of the problem. Indeed, while most decentralised social networking projects have been focused on making it possible for anyone to host their own piece of the puzzle themselves, we have all totally missed the most important part: A centralised web tool where users can overlay words on images and share them via Facebook !!.

This will revolutionise the way I consider Diaspora, I used to think it was a bunch of self centered hipster programmers that want to change the world while trying to earn themselves some riches and fame, now I don't really think they give a shit about decentralised social networks. Heck, for all I know now they might even be working for Zuckerberg.