I've been complaining about search engines trashing my search queries for a while now. I type in words that I'm looking for and they just return whatever they feel like. Even DuckDuckGo, which I've been using as my main search engine, for years, almost a decade !

Here's a concrete example, I'm looking for the proper syntax to update a table on PostgreSQL using pgsql, so I search: pgsql update table DDG says it's including results for "mysql", probably because it thinks I don't know what I'm looking for, then adds "if you really want to look for 'pgsql' you can click again.

Basically it's saying that what I'm searching for is not what I need, but it gives me an option if I insist on being wrong.

What about Qwant ? Same story.

Or Bing, yes I went there ! Spoiler alert, it's the same result (scratch the "alert" part)

There's also Ixquick, and well, Ixquick works.

To be fair, I did test Google, and in this case, Google returns good results.

What I've learned so far, there aren't enough search engines out there. They all depend on 2 or 3 main crawlers and they all try to mimic each other.

All I want is for the search engine to not ignore search terms, that would be a good starting point. Let me even make mistakes, make a typo, why not ?

As for "pgsql update table", it turns out it's the same syntax as MySQL.