Everytime you buy a Sony God kills a kitten

The Playstation is a console that people spend money to buy, the company then uses part of the big profits to attack those who try to understand how it works and find other ways of using the device. Of course some people would only buy the console in the first place if they could actually do something with it.

You can send Sony a few kind words (check the next link for the email addresses), CC info at defectivebydesign.org to keep them updated. Visit Defective By Design and subscribe to their RSS/mailings for regular updates on broken designs.

Update: It appears the campaign has had it's first effect, Defective by Design reports: Techeye reports that Sony's CEO has turned off his email address as a result of our campaign. Emails to Howard Stringer are now bouncing.
Let's email Nicole Seligman, Executive VP and General Counsel at Sony.