February 11 - anti ACTA Protests


If you don't now what ACTA is, search the Internet for ACTA, that should let you find your own sources. If you do know what it's about then you are likely to be against it (unless you are part of the 1%).

On February 11 2012 you can protest against ACTA with us. Get information about your local protest here and join in.

In the meantime, you can also do a couple of things while keep your rear end glued to your chair:

I'll see you there.



Sent the email!
Let's see what happens next.

I hope these protests will be massive, but also democratic and peaceful.

manu - http://manurevah.com

I got replies from people. In short, the conservatives tend to send a long zigzagy email, and they all use the same exact template. In short they are pro-ACTA but don't want to clearly say it. (I could update this post with replies actually).


Manu, of course they are pro; every shithead politician out there gets a boner when thinking of ACTA, it's a step to "absolute power" or totalitarian regimes.
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