Firefox Kills Kittens


Everybody loves Firefox, they are your friends, they are the "resistance", the alternative.. . the Free browser and all that crap. Yet, they somehow have started to annoy me to a point where I almost considered using Google Chrome... heck, I might just. :] (kidding!)

Here are just a couple of #$!%U*&ing things that annoyed me today..

Right Click -> New Tab: Gone

I'm not alone here, there are others annoyed by this as well. Please click on "I have this problem too" (if applicable).

Why remove such a simple ergonomically correct menu item ? People used it, they just broke it. (You can install a plugin that includes that functionality).

64bit ? But You Have to Look for it

Nowadays many computers have 64bit processors, so you can often use 64bit operating systems and enjoy 64bit programs. Cool. Some programs are not available in 64bit mode, that's fine but Firefox is available in 64bits since 4.0 .. However, you cannot easily find it. I've even found some tips on how to get the Firefox to run using ia32-libs, libraries to run 32bit programs on 64bit platforms !!

Funny thing is, while clicking through the "Need Download Help" button I found myself searching for 64 bit Firefox, the first result is "Uninstalling Firefox".

Anyway, if you still don't hate Firefox (or, like me, it's the browser you hate the least), you can get your 64 bit version from the Mozilla FTP site.. (of course this link was found somewhere on some forum or something... maybe some other rant).



I don't miss the "new tab" thing as ctrl+t has become a reflex, but the impossibility to download the 64bit version (in 2011!) is really retarded! They should determine which $arch I'm using and offer a suitable link. What I usually do if I need to install from the official tarball is to just go to the FTP site (or any mirror) and download:


manu -

Yes, the thing is that even if you chose "Other Systems and Languages" you still cannot find 64bit versions, just mac/win/lin and a bunch of langs.. ..

BTW, very nice CSS on that link you sent.. : ]


Yes, that one was made by a "black belt" html guy ;-)

Anyway, on the Firefox topic somewhat:

Maybe we should switch to Chrome indeed. Or maybe Chromium?

manu -

Of course Firefox has to "diversify" because Google could leave them any day, like as soon as Chrome has a bit more pie.. . Mozilla could easily become a jobseeker.

Logically Mozilla should rent their soul to a company that doesn't produce their own browser at least..

I guess the thing is to set your browser to use the search engine you want. I just use Firefox, Chromium and Arora and make sure to change the search engine settings.
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