FunnyJunk Threatens TheOatmeal

FunnyJunk, a website whose main "about us" link is a Copyright Infringement Notification page, has hired an "Internet lawyer" to put pressure on TheOatmeal to remove any content that speaks of them.

FunnyJunk just realised their SEO is really bad, when you search for them TheOatmeal comes up in the results, since the story broke it's even worse. Instead of re-thinking their SEO they decided to threaten TheOatmel and get them to remove any content referring to them. One of the things FunnyJunk doesn't find funny is:

Here's how's business operates:

  1. Gather funny pictures from around the internet
  2. Host them on
  3. Slather them in advertising
  4. If someone claims copyright infringement, throw your hands up in the air and exclaim "It was our users who uploaded your photos! We had nothing to do with it! We're innocent!"
  5. Cash six figure advertising checks from other artist's stolen material


When non US citizens face US charges and extradition how can people who operate sites like FunnyJunk feel so legitimate that they start to attack the websites from which they steal content from ? Just saying, it's messed up.

In any case, Matthew Inman has raised $93,272 of the 20,000he needed to tease the morons from FunnyJunk with photos of cash that will be sent to the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society.