Google Does Evil

The short version is: "Take the time to read the blog post from Mocality about how Google does evil.

Google: I'm Feeling Violated

In even shorter, a company based in Kenya called Mocality has created a Kenya based business directory, the entries are provided by locals who would call in and then be financially rewarded by Mocality for their efforts.

A few months ago Mocality noticed some strange web traffic which after investigation turns out to be coming from Google. The juicy part is that Google employees was scraping the website to get business numbers and then cold call these companies to sell them services. Even worse, they claimed to be working with Mocality !

You should read the Mocality's blog post as it explains in detail what, how, etc, and it's quite interesting.

One more thing about those who relentlessly defend Google with arguments such as "it was a separate team" and such (and we are not talking about a rogue employee here, this was coordinated work), please note that if Google is not responsible and it is only the fault of the groups of teams involved, should it also be the other way around when it comes to innovations ?