Granniverse @ The Kidney Bay

Film-makers and musicians have been largely against the peer to peer file sharing networks.. . All ? No, some are even getting The Pirate Bay bump to help them promote their projects. This is known as The Promo Bay.

Today it's Granniverse that is on the front page the The Pirate Bay. The goal is to raise 50 Kilo dollars to start filming. The film will be released in cinemas and online at the same time, and released using a Creative Commons license, this will allow anyone to share and remix it.

This isn't the first time Hanna Sk├Âld will be releasing a movie via The Pirate Bay, Nasty Old People is also there, legally of course and also under Creative Commons license.



Awesome idea!
Wanted to donate, but any of the buttons end up in a 404 error...

manu -

Yeah, I just read:
Sorry, the project is not live.

I guess they have enough money and don't want more.. Strange how Diaspora managed to get 20 times what they required.


That's odd... oh well.
Don't get me started Failaspora.
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