Hitler Wasn't that Bad

Who would have thought that peace in the Middle East would start by the Israeli Prime Minister relieving Adolf Hitler for thinking up the Final Solution ? According to Netanyahu, Hitler just wanted to expel Jews from Germany, nothing more. Netanyahu claims it was Amin al-Husseini who convinced the easy to manipulate Austrian born fascist dictator to go full genocide.

For Bibi, it's easier to accept that Hitler wasn't such a bad guy than it is to question Israel's current position and actions towards Palestinians. Netanyahu should obviously be removed from power immediately and prosecuted. Even his fellow Zionist friends are horrified by his remarks.

Benjamin Netanyahu in 1941

If we're now allowed to re-write the history of World War II then maybe this is what really happened: Benjamin Netanyahu went back in time, disguised himself as Amin al-Husseini and convinced Adolf Hitler to kill all Jews so that later on he could use their deaths to justify his own horrors against Palestinians. Or, more likely, Benjamin Netanyahu is literally Hitler.