Internet Mob vs Carreon

About a week ago FunnyJunk threatened The Oatmeal and to do so they engaged a lawyer, to which The Oatmeal responded with a humorous charity action. I thought that was quite funny, interesting and even a nice thing to do. ...

The thing is I just read this interview of Carreon, FunnyJunk's lawyer. what's interesting is that Carreon has since received threats, his website got attacked and people impersonated him on twitter or email etc etc.

IMHO alert: I think he's probably wrong in accusing The Oatmeal's Inman as having coordinated or even encouraged such behavior. What seems to be more likely is that a bunch of stupid angry people saw this as an opportunity to attack someone on a personal level without feeling too much guilt.

I guess some (many?) of those who read The Oatmeal's response do not understand humor, did not understand the real message and are just happy to have a pretext to be assholes. They also did not comprehend that the real issue is between FunnyJunk and the Oatmeal.