Liam Patterson and his Dizinga invites


Like many others, I got an email from Liam Patterson inviting me to join Dizinga. The thing is that I received this email via an alias that I've only ever used with Spreadshirt.

The question is: How did Liam Patterson (Dizinga) obtain my email address ? Has Spreadshirt sold their user's data ? Did they steal the data ? Is there a corrupt third party involved ?

To add to this, I've never published any items on Spreadshirt, and even better, I deleted my Spreadshirt account years ago. It's as if "hand-selected artists" means "whatever email we managed to scrape".

Either way, Dizinga appears to be the kind of dodgy business one should avoid. I would recommend staying away from them and I sincerely hope they fail.

Meanwhile, Spreadshirt needs to either investigate this or explain what happened.


Spreadshirt has confirmed they have no deal with Dizinga

We do not sell our email lists. I am not sure how the email addresses were received. We have passed this issue on to our legal department to further investigate.

Update 2

I asked Dizinga how they got my email and their response was mostly condescending:

I came across your designs on Spread Shirt and they look like a perfect fit for our store.

Again, my email is not publicly displayed on my SpreadShirt shop that I don't even have.