Liam Patterson and his Dizinga invites

Like many others, I got an email from Liam Patterson inviting me to join Dizinga. The thing is that I received this email via an alias that I've only ever used with Spreadshirt.

The question is: How did Liam Patterson (Dizinga) obtain my email address ? Has Spreadshirt sold their user's data ? Did they steal the data ? Is there a corrupt third party involved ?

To add to this, I've never published any items on Spreadshirt, and even better, I deleted my Spreadshirt account years ago. It's as if "hand-selected artists" means "whatever email we managed to scrape".

Either way, Dizinga appears to be the kind of dodgy business one should avoid. I would recommend staying away from them and I sincerely hope they fail.

Meanwhile, Spreadshirt needs to either investigate this or explain what happened.


Spreadshirt has confirmed they have no deal with Dizinga

We do not sell our email lists. I am not sure how the email addresses were received. We have passed this issue on to our legal department to further investigate.

Update 2

I asked Dizinga how they got my email and their response was mostly condescending:

I came across your designs on Spread Shirt and they look like a perfect fit for our store.

Again, my email is not publicly displayed on my SpreadShirt shop that I don't even have.


Alexander Klar -

Hi Emmanuel,

thank you for your insights. I received the invitiation by Mr. Patterson to an adress I have used years ago with Spreadshirt (although I have used that particular adress in other places as well). I have a new account at Spreadshirt for a couple months now, where I used a different adress. Interesting.

Them stating they only produce "hand-selected artists" made me wonder as well. Their website says that you can simply sign-up as an artist for free and apparently without precondition. So, that's simply as a flattering statement as the first sentence, beginning with "I love your designs..."

The mail I received had trackable links that contained the following variables:


Maybe there's a hint within the "source" or "group" variables that gives a hint to the source of their addresses. Have you forwarded the mail to Spreadshirt for further investigation and explanation to us (former) customers of theirs? I will do so now.

Thank you again for your hint. It helped me a lot in order to classify this case.

Best regards

manu -

Hello Alexander,

Here are my variables (I don't have "utm_group"):


Clearly I'm part of the US campaign.

The flattering part of Liam Patterson's email reads like comment spam, something I've been curious about. People are more open when they are flattered.. The amount of comment spam that gets approved just because it flatters some poor blogger is too damn high.

The funny thing is that I created the Spreadshirt account and never published anything with it. I only tested out the interface and ended up using a friend's account, and then deleted my account (all about 2 years ago).

I emailed Spreadshirt, they initially didn't seem to pick up on what was happening, they then said they forwarded my email to their legal team. I've still no clear confirmation if any of this is normal, if they've had a breach, and if the breach was recent (I deleted my account years ago, so either they still have my account details or the breach is old).

I did use my Twitter account to inquire to SpreadShirt, Liam Patterson and Dizinga, no reply. I also emailed Dizinga for the lulz (using the account they already have).

Tatenda -

Lol immediately i know i may come across as a marketing bot or something but i did also get that same email...actually let me go back a step..i got one from artist support or something very flattering of course and yes it did strike me as a bit off where they got my email but i have been known to be wily nily with it at times. I did however sign up as i do have designs on spreadshirt and zazzle; it's been a few months now (and only recently got an email from liam after i'd already signed up which is hilarious) but i gotta say it's worked out pretty well for me. Within 3 months i'd made what i'd made on the other two POD sites combined. Dizinga's model seems to suit my products a lot better with their partnerships. but maybe i'm a random case. Only found this post cause i decided to see if there were any other experiences out there. I have seen some of their other shirts from some designers i recognise so i spose people are slowly coming around. Lately their email response has been a little slow but usually very good

Alexander Klar -

@Emmanuel: thank you for your further investigation and article update. I have not received any response by Spreadshirt, so I cannot add any more perspective.

@Tatenda: thank you for your insights as well. For me, though, I do not want to make business with someone who might steal mail addresses and uses crude measures for their own advantage.


I just got a message through Redbubble about the same thing. The content was unrelated to what i was selling if anything it looked like a spam email.
From user graphicalo1342


I got one of their e-mails through Redbubble's BubbleMail, so they didn't know my e-mail I don't think, and they specifically mentioned some of my designs. However, the grammar in their message was rather sub-par and the whole thing seemed sketchy and unprofessional. :/

Tzigane Pope

Hey at least you guys are smarter. I am in the middle of trying to mass produce shirts/ art etc. So as opposed to listening to double checking. I uploaded my latest stuff on there and now they are gone. Aaaawesome.

Tzigane Pope

Sorry just realized that was a bit confusing. Trying to get my art stuff up and running, can't work elsewhere... so smell the kinds of desperate. I got the notice and glanced... remembered the name. Started creating an account... thought it was fishy. Tried to double check notice sent to me on Redbubble... it was gone. Thought I did it. Finished creating the account... had third guesses. Ran it through a spam site checker...? Unsure which... and hey red flags lit up... but then by the next day. quadruple guessed myself and started. Was so excited. And hey. Dizinga is gone now. And... my best designs are up... Feel free to call this one an idiot.


Well, I'm sure glad I checked this one out. I just got a BubbleMail from Dizinga asking if they could use some of my designs, but as Tzigane Pope said, their message did seem too poorly written to be legit. Guess I'll just regard that as some scam and keep my halloween designs to myself. Seems like the best course of action is to just stay away.


I got the similar e-mail, didnt question where it came from cause my stuff is spread out. they can find me anywhere. I uploaded 2 or 3 designs. The site is till up and i've since sold one shirt and got payed for it. if its a scam I havent been affected by it yet. Hope that helps.


Hi, I see many of these posts are quite old. I had the email today. I closed my account with spreadshirt back in 2011 amd didn't have my email address on the profile. Oh, and this one was from 'Tom'.


Hey guys, had an email from "Tom" today, so probably the same case as for Ian two days ago. Is a new wave of spam-ahem-ad mails coming in? Account existent, but unused for five years with one design up.
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