Mistpark - Distributed Social Networking (that works)

My obsession for finding a way to be social (yeah I know, "me, social ? WTF") and not to go too far against my principals. Anyway, you may have heard of some projects lately, some don't work, some somewhat work IF you can spare a complete server and have the latest browser on the market.. Well since about a week I have been trying out a project that I have started to grow fond of, Mistpark. It works with Php/MySQL and can hence be installed anywhere.

This uses the DFRN - Distributed Friends and Relations Network protocol, and one thing I really like is the distinction/separation between the protocol and the actual server/client software.. and it works..

So go install your node, play with it, report bugs, hack it, host nodes for your friends who do not have time/knowledge to do this on their own. Take the Internet back, piece by piece.


Now you can now subscribe to Mistpark users from GNU Social, StatusNet and Diaspora..