No Results Not Found


It appears that it is becoming impossible for search queries to not have results. I regularly search for specific terms, I use quotes and plus signs, I always get results. However the results don't necessarily correspond to the search query I did, indeed plenty of the results will be without the less popular term included in my search, even if it is the only one I "plussed".

This is a tendency that I'm seeing more and more of, browsers are now set up to analyse what is typed in the address bar, also known as the "data sent to the default search engine of your browser" bar, to avoid having the user land on the dreaded "can't find the server at.." message.

Some ISPs will go further, if you type a domain name that does not exist (according to them at least), they will redirect hijack your query and send you to a page that has stuff on it.

Even operating systems are being designed to make sure that whatever you look for, even a file on your own computer, there's always a result. Like with the new Ubuntu/Amazon Lens thing.

The more time goes by, the more I find search results to have less and less relevance. I sometimes dream about the good old days where it was possible to see a "No results." message when the query indeed had no results. Now it's all just a pile of mess and finding things feels harder than before.