Occupy Finsbury Square

The other day I walked by Finsbury Square, I met Marc who is currently occupying the square along with others. I wont comment much, but here are some word from Marc himself.

I am there for justice to oppose the injustices concerning the poor in this country, the power should be with the people and not the government, the banks should be controlled and the bankers that have caused this world situation along with the politicians that watched and allowed it to happen because of their own self interests should be brought to justice and punished.

That is the peoples justice and the justice of truth not the governments corrupt justice. I am not anti capitalism but anti capitalism without integrity and without a eco friendly attitude to making wealth and to spread the generated wealth around to help the less well off to enable the poor to have a better standard of living and not live in poverty and struggle all their lives working for the man.

Bless all, be thankful for what you have, but strive for more in spirit. Spread peace and love and smile.


Here are some images from Finsbury Square:

Occupy Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square

Marc in his tent

Finsbury Square - What do I do now ?
Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square - Fixing up the place

Update: I've added a few photos. I also heard back from Marc who told me that after the recent Saint Paul's evictions many have moved over to Finsbury Square. He states People in the movement are selfish and egotistical and not working for the big cause. Maybe we need a re-birth of Occupy with clarity and leadership and structure. Let's hope these past events have opened people's minds to what our real problems are and who the real moochers are.



As I already said to you IRL: very good series, Manu. It's important to bring this stuff to our attention.
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