Olympic Marketing

Today I saw something interesting. An advertisement in the London Underground.

You will know me

This is what is says:

You Don't Know Me

You don't know anything about me. You don't know
what I'm made of or just how much I'm capable of.
You don't know where I've come from nor where
I'm heading. You know nothing of my highs or my lows.
You don't know how fast I am, how strong I am,
how resilient I am. You haven't got a clue what
breakfast cereal I eat, what fragrance I wear or
who I'm dating. You don't even know my name.

But you will

So I read it, and then think... hmmmmm.. The message, in short is that the games will be around soon and in those games will be new competitors that you do not know of... And they will make so much noise that you will know them.

What actually strikes me is that this person who is able to run fast, jump high or be a precise badminton player has announced their purpose in life very clearly:

  • Sell breakfasts
  • Promote perfumes
  • Feed the gossip industry

Whoever makes the most noise, will be in many adverts ... . . in 2012. I hope they're photogenic.. (of course they will be).