OpenOffice, not impressed

I just have to say one thing: OpenOffice as much as any other "office" program is just the worst thing that has ever happened to computers. I have never wasted so much time with any program, even Windows is more entertaining.. Today I tried to do 2 things with OpenOffice Impress (the thing to do slide show presentations, mostly using a computer screen (or projector) to display the finished work).

  1. Set the background to a color not in the drop down list
  2. Use pixels as a unit of measure
OpenOffice not Impressed
No matter what the physical size of your screen and/or the resolution it is 28cm wide and 21cm high !

It seems again that I am wrong to even want to do those things as apparently the majority of humans think in centimeters even when doing work that that will stay on a screen. Alone ? Maybe not, a few others also have the same issue. As for the colors, I don't know maybe I'm the only one with a screen that supports more than 256 colors ?

So I guess I'll have to do things the wrong way, again.

What I have learned today: If no shoe fits, walk barefoot.