Revenge is a Dish Best Served Blue

About a year and a half ago my bike was stolen. If you know me, you know I loved that bike and still do. It was an old Schwinn, completely custom. Basically stripped down, repainted and rebuilt with parts from a BMX shop (except for the wheels of course). It had a 4 speed Nexus with a coaster brake and that's it. No frills. Anyway, the bike was super fun, hyper-comfortable and quite rugged. And I rode it furiously for almost a decade.

Custom Schwinn Cruiser

BTW, this bike is still missing, so if you find it.. . (you never know)

I then got a second hand "hybrid" bike, everything is lightweight and all that, it's efficient and whatever... basically it's boring, might as well take the tube or something.

Until now.

Now I can be a child again. Okay this new bike has brakes in the front, and even has fenders which means no more dirt and rain all over my face, but it's still totally magic to my pavement and I'm a happy kid. Voila.

The new Bike - United Cruiser