Saab is Not Dead

1975 SAAB 99  Photo by Liftarn

You may already know that Saab, the car company, has been having many issues and even filed for bankruptcy. After GM claimed to not want to sell technologies to the Chinese bidder who has been trying to save Saab. GM has now refused to sell technologies to Brightwell, a Turkish company.

The actual thing is more like this; While GM owned Saab they developed technologies to build new cars. Now that Saab is dead GM simply does not want to sell those technologies. Anyone who takes over Saab will have to forget about the 9-4x and the 9-5 from what I understood. This all comes down to licensing issues and fear of competition. It seems possible that whoever does eventually buy Saab will have to do without those 2 cars. IMHO, the 9-4x is ugly and bloated and I'm glad it will just die (become a GM badged product), but the 9-5, I actually like that one.

In any case, it seems there is a buyer for Saab and they will soon be known.

P.S. Some may be surprised to see me writing about cars, well please note that I want a Saab, want to help me get one ?