Snowden Statue at Forte Greene


Snowden's appearance on John Oliver's show, Last Week Tonight, has helped popularise the issues raised by the Snowden leaks.

A few years ago I was in New York around the time Greenwald had broken the news about Snowden, many of my American friends had few clues of the importance of what happened. I attended the Restore the Fourth protest on July 4th 2013, in my opinion there were relatively way too few atendees, the biggest concern that summer seemed to be the general anticipation of the new iPhone.

I'm glad to see John Oliver's team bring Edward Snowden and the NSA spying issues back to the front page, where they should be. Thanks John, it's sad to say that the other John (Stewart) has been getting soft with the real issues, ranting on laws after they get repealed... .

Anyway, a group of artists set up a statue of Snowden in Fort Greene Park, of course it was taken down the same day. Since, people have left flowers where the statue was and that evening another group have setup a holographic statue where the original statue was.

Here's a complete article on the Snowden statue from Mashable.