Sony Side Up

Lately Sony's Playstation network has been totally compromised and has been down for I don't even know how long and seems wont be back up until next summer or something.

The reason for the outage has changed since it all started, first it was hacked by Anonymous, then it was down because of equipment failure or something.. Now it's been hacked by professional Internet robbers with the intent to re-sell the data, estimated at 100 000$ or more.

Since Sony has been a real bunch of assholes with some hardware hackers (Sony clients), like graf_chokolo and geohot, they have annoyed a few people and they have to expect a reaction. If we live in a world where in a couple of days (or less?) some people can get their homes raided, their R&D stolen from them and other things like fines, prison threats etc etc etc, then do expect a reaction that will not be (only) in the form of protests, boycotts, rants, etc...

At what point does one company have too much power ? And how on earth did we come to this point where taking apart an object you own and playing with it is illegal because you don't own the things you buy ? Will Ikea sue me if I transform a kitchen worktable into a bench and publish a howto ?

So, kiddie script hackers, a failed hard drive, the Internet mafia or God herself ? Doesn't matter, Sony deserves everything it just got, heck it probably deserves so much more.