Source Code Download Links are Dying

Something is very wrong on the Internet, very. When people work on a server many tend to use a workstation, open a terminal and connect to the server and then open a browser to look for various information and eventually a file/package to download. What we would normally should do is find the link to the file we need, then go to the terminal where we are connected to our server and use something like wget to get the file downloaded where we actually need it to be... .. Well my friend, little by little those links are disappearing, you now need to have JavaScript activated to download source code from some of the biggest "open source code sharing lol" sites..

What can we do ? Create a mirror site whose sole purpose would be to contain wgettable links ? Or petition until they put normal transferable download URLs so we can get some work done and not have to transfer files one time to many. And yes, it is not even eco friendly as these bits of code need to be transferred at least twice before getting where they need to be.

What do you think ?