Total Fail Moment™

Today I realised something was missing, an image on my site (from an external source) wasn't showing up in my browser. I'm using Iceweasel, but not only, so I check with my other browsers, Arora, Icecat, Konqueror, no issues there. I switch off NoScript, reload, nothing. I realise via Firebug that there is a "display: none" on the img tag... . AND THEN, someone points out that it's AdblockPlus that did that.. .. . .

My point is, many years ago I ditched Windows and one of the many reasons I talked about was I don't see the point in having a system that requires so many addons and such just so I can safely and comfortably use my computer and today, when I opened the Addons window in Iceweasel and I saw how many addons I had (one's that deal with security and anti-add/spam/etc) I realised that I am going through a Total Fail Moment™. I am running Microsoft Iceweasel with Norton Anti Advert, Zone Alarm Flashblock and Kapersky Noscript...


K. Rotte

On the hand it is great that you can add little plugins to make your life easier and your browser better, on the other hand, as you say, there is this windows moment that feels unmaintably messy.
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