Turnitin turned it off

A while ago I ranted about Turnitin pirating copyrighted content, meaning (IMHO) they copy content of peoples websites or student's work and store it in a database for an unlimited time. They then use that content as a means of earning money, there whole business is based on other peoples work, and not just by referencing them like a search engine.

So I emailed them and it turned out that after years and years of doing this never has anyone complained. I asked nicely for them to remove my content from there database and after being asked if I was really really sure they said they would have to write some scripts to automate the task.

The guy I was in contact with was actually very nice so no complaining there of course, I think he was simply surprised but he did get back to me with this:

Hi Emmanuel, The process is finished and I have created an app for future people who request the same thing... your domain has been removed from future crawls and all content that we downloaded from you has also been removed... there were 1205 files in all... Tim

So now they have a script to automate this task, if you would like to get your content removed from their database you just need to ask. If you run into anything weird let me know.