WASD is Das Keyboard

I don't usually post much stuff about what I buy and that sort of crap. One reason might be that I tend to keep the stuff buying to the minimum. I also like to keep stuff as long as I can, like my previous laptop, I used it everyday for over 6 years. It helps to not buy the cheapest thing you can find and often turns out to be cheaper to do so (costs less money and less enviro-impact too).

I just got a new keyboard, it's been a while I wanted to get one and so voila, in my quest to get something solid, functional and while we're at it, original, I got a custom WASD keyboard.

A colorful desk

Keyboard on my desk

Debian OS keys !

zoom on the OS key

Some people don't mind, but being a user of "not-Windows" OS for more than a decade makes me wonder why I should have a Windows logo on my keyboard. My previous one (Typematrix) didn't have one either.

Funny story, I originally wanted a Das Keyboard, however according to them, even for a $130 keyboard one most fork out an extra $12 for optional Penguin OS keycaps and then discard the Windows ones instead of allowing their customers to simply chose. Their response to my asking about this was highly formatted and sad. This is what made me seek further out. Turns out I got something at a similar price that's WAY more what I want.

Custom keycaps

closeup photo of the keys

You can completely customise the engraving and printing of the keys.

Typing away

(and making a few typos until I get used to it)

The whole layout is custom, basically they provide templates of the keyboard, for now only available in Illustrator and Corel Draw format (and PDF, but you need to export to the Illus/Corel). In my case Weyman Kwong was really cool and took my SVG files and converted them for me. He said he'll try to work on some SVG templates for the near future.

Battle of Hoth

Battle of Hoth

My space bar is having some sort of argument.. .