Wil Wheaton Annoyed by Google

I just read this rant on Google by Wil, it's a bit true but something itches me.

What happened is that Wil surfed the Internet while not logged into his Gaccount and realised that normal people cannot "like" or vote on videos posted to Youtube without upgrading their accounts to G+. What an outrage ! He seemed really outraged.

Wil, I have news for you, but you should sit down before reading this: Some people don't even have any kind of Google account to begin with, they can see the thumbs up and down icons, but they can't action them... Imagine all the upvotes you are potentially losing on your show ! Because from what I got, it's mostly about how your show might lose ratings because your core audience are tech-savvy and may not want to "upgrade".. right ?

Then the interesting part, Wil's website, powered by Typekitpad or whatever, doesn't allow regular humans to post comments without signing up via Facebook or Twitter or at least an OpenID. Some brave person made a comment though: On a slightly related note, Typepad forced me to register or to use my Facebook login if I wanted to "Favorite" this post. Wil's reply is: If I don't require some kind of sign up for blog comments, I am overrun by spammers and anonymous asshat trolls. That is probably why Google is now forcing people to upgrade to G+ accounts, because of "asshat trolls". The reality is that Wil, just like Google are both part of the same problem, they both require users to go sign up somewhere in order to take part of the the interaction they offer.