Why I hate Ubuntu: Reason #43

Why I hate Ubuntu

Ubuntu requires visitors to create an account and log in to view certain threads. I've read this thread (not blocked yet) and now I understand their reasoning: Anything they may have archived is to be considered old and should no longer be readable unless you have a ubuntuforums account.... . Whatever, basically they are trying to protect visitors from accessing archived and potentially outdated information.

The other thing I dislike is their use of vBulletin, it just goes to show how much they really don't care much about Free Software.

Is Ubuntu the new Apple ?



It's sad when forums do that. My ISP made their forums member-only which was a pain because I couldn't browse as a guest anymore. So I stopped participating altogether.

I certainly agree with you on the Ubuntu Forums. Sort of reminds me of the FreeBSD forums as well. The FreeBSD moderators stated that vBulletin is "open source" because anybody can read the source code. That's definitely not the definition of open source. Hasn't the Windows source code been leaked a few times before? Same with Symantec. Doesn't make them open source.

Actually vBulletin's license is quite restrictive. You can read it here: http://www.vbulletin.com/order/license_agreement.php

The other reason why I hate Ubuntu is the fact that Restricted repositories are selected by default, and Adobe Flash is the first package shown in the Download Centre. That, and blobs are also default. I stopped using it for those reasons.


Ubuntu doesn't give a shit about Free Software, mate.
And the forums issue has annoyed me as well some time ago. It's nasty when someone, especially a linux distro staff, tells you which information you can and cannot have.

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Indeed Andrew and NuxRo, there are many reasons to dislike Ubuntu. I was actually reading yesterday about how they now call their Linux kernel the Ubuntu kernel.. and other things..

That reminded me that I had stumbled upon this sort of blocked forum page many times and I had an old screenshot that I needed to put somewhere. At least I found out the reasoning, but I still think it's incredibly stupid and borderline fascist to decide what information should be accessible.

The vBulletin part is just a symbol of how little they care about Free. If existing Free forums aren't good enough for them then they should develop one, I'm sure there would have been many volunteers ready to help this corporation as there already are.


Not caring enough about software freedom is especially true since the latest Ubuntu releases, which contain access to the Ubuntu "app store", where you can buy software.
However, what I liked about Ubuntu in the beginning was their aim to democratize the use of GNU/Linux. And I think that their will in succeeding in this has also influenced in retour other operating systems. Lots of code they produce is going back to the community (like "bazaar" for example, which is very widely used nowadays).
Anyway, there are always two sides of a medal, and having to create an account to even be able to *read* a forum is part of a vision i don't share at all.
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