We need a new navigator


Mozilla and Co. have been providing a nice and free and open web surfing tool since a while now.. blah blah bla blah. .. ... . I am looking for another free (as in freedom of speech) web browser with some of the same features without all the crap they have been putting in there... Let me explain just one part of the problem..

Today I tried to connect to something like http://server:22 and to my biggest surprise I was told "Port Restricted for Security Reasons". I figure "wow, that's almost nice, now where is the "Thanks for the warning but I know what I'm doing" button.. . and then i realized what had happened. .

I, and many others it seems, have become so dependent on this "ONE and ONLY" (usable) web browser that now they can do things like that without risking vriots.. . I'm sure there are many other "features" that have become problems for various users with different requirements and different usages etc etc.. . Apart from going into the "about:config" menu it's impossible to go around that.. . It seems to me that Firefox is becoming a thin corridor with thick walls (and so many features and plugins to hang up on those walls).. .

if you know of a good fork or a usable alternative browser tell me about it...