where has my internet gone ?

Do you wonder if your internet is being sieved somewhere along the line ? People have been working on this subject and this question lead me to a few sites like OpenNet Initiative, You canget some gathered information on per country basis and more. Herdict is another site that I that met thanks to the previously mentioned site allows you to report a blocked site and view other's reports.

I also did a whois on a random IP that posted a spam comment, the "remarks" sections was quite explicit: % Information related to ' -' [...] remarks: ------------------------------------------------------ remarks: Part of this IP block has been used for proxy/cache remarks: service at the National level in Saudi Arabia. All remarks: Saudi Arabia web traffic will come from this IP block.

And this led me to this page which has more details..

Other ideas are to publish parts of censored material all over the internet to play ball with the filter "guys". More concise information and more at irrepressible.info.