Poor MySQL. ..


I just read about this project to "save mysql" from the dirty hands of Oracle.. At first I thought "oh a cute little lolcat site" but then I thought "how is it that Oracle can buy out MySQL ?"

So I go to Monty's blog and go through a bunch of explanations and such, I almost cried a bit. I mean the guy has spent the last 27 years working on this database server.. To be honest since I saw the URL "helpmysql.org" I sensed something I don't like.

So I finally made it to this very good question on Monty's blog

Q: Didn't you sell MySQL to Sun? Do you want to have the cake and eat it too?
I lost the rights to the MySQL copyright in 2001 when MySQL AB was created and we allowed investors to come in.

Dude, you gave MySQL away, I mean you SOLD it. You gave control over it to someone else. Now if you want it back maybe YOU could make an offer to SUN... and for that you could make a page "pleasehelpmebuymysqlbackbecauseisoldeditlol.org"

Well, still, thanks a lot for all your work and all, MySQL does rock and I'm sure MariaDB will be even kewler.. In the meantime I might just switch to Oracle.. . (just kidding). As sad as I'd be to see MySQL be pwned by Oracle I wont sign the petition.