Save My VMs

So what about saving a whole VM and then you know, forget about it ?

Virtual Machines are the coolest thing in the.. data centre (after the actual cooling system). To add to it's refreshingness, a script that will can backup your virtual machines. For this script to work they n

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Random File Creator

Ever need to create a specific amount of files with random content and of random sizes between a specific range ? And all these files randomly placed in a specific maximum number of directories ? Today I needed to do this to replicate a specific scenario and test various things...(blah blah bla

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UPDATE: A new version of Mailboy is in the works, it's even getting it's own micro-site at It's not completely ready yet, I'm working on that with the little time I have these days. I'll update this notice when Ma

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Bash Email Admin Script

A script designed to administer an Email server using tutorial.

I wrote this little script as a replacement for a python script who's purpose is/was to administer an email server (add/remove/modify domains/accounts/aliases

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backup script

a simple backup script

the goal of this script is to create a local backup in a folder made for that and then upload it to an FTP server.. it is as simple script for a simple task and for me it works just fine.. . of course you can and should modify to suit your needs if necessary.<

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unload and file photos from a camera.. . digital of course

the use of this script is to copy (or move) photos from a camera (mounted as a regular mass storage device) to a folder filing system organised by date.. . (each photo gets a folder with it's date).. . . you will need for thi

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