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Nice montage! I somehow like the song better now (having listened to it during 2 days!).

And concerning the lyrics, when an austrian says "drah di net um", a german like me understands just "da di del dum" :)

manu -

You might still hear it for a few days more. I think that by playing this over and over again and studying every move they each make, and every reference too, it will help us understand the truth behind the origin of this song. ..

Sebastian Weiland -

As the german Wikipedia states, Falcos Manager came up with the song and Falco wrote the text to it. However Falco released Der Komissar in the fall of 1981 and it takes some time to write a whole new text to the song, so I guess Rick James was first.

Pam Burrows

While MC Hammer is a steal (I thought he ripped off Der Kommissar). I think both Super Freak and Der Kommissar were in the ether waiting for both artists. Just like the phone was invented at the same time in several places around the world. Or how comedians will come up with the same joke for something in the news. It's just there in the collective consciousness. When Paul McCarthy heard "Yesterday" in his head, he was certain it was an already existing song. If Falco & Rick James had been old enough, there might have been 3 different versions of Yesterday coming out at the same time. {^_~}
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