A message to Anonymous

Hello Anonymous. Some people have criticised your actions, called you a "kiddie script" and/or claimed you have hurt "the cause". I tend to disagree because:

  • You made noise and raised awareness
  • Nobody was hurt and no credit card numbers stolen
  • You have been trying other things as well, faxes, phones, videos, paper etc. this shows your goal is not to simply take down web sites
  • When things are so openly absurd reactions cannot be avoided
  • Oh and:
  • "They" started it..

Some say you guys are a bunch of kids, if it is true it only adds to your credit.

DDOS does seem to be illegal in many places, but it is definitely not the worst thing that has happened to our world. For me (and many others) these actions were closer to protest then to attacks.

Disclaimer: I am not inciting anyone to do anything illegal, etc etc...