Sony Still Doing it Wrong

Spain has arrested 3 guys who they believe were part of the PlayStation network outage. Hackers aren't supposed to be in prison, they should be in front of a computer playing with code and publishing papers and stuff. Participating in making the collective brain smarter... . Of course most humans...

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A message to Anonymous

Hello Anonymous. Some people have criticised your actions, called you a "kiddie script" and/or claimed you have hurt "the cause". I tend to disagree because:

  • You made noise and raised awareness
  • Nobody was hurt and no credit card numbers stolen
  • You have b...
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Wikileaks - follow up


The past week or so has been quite interesting and seems this pending issue will not simply "go away", at least not that easily. I have gathered a few interesting links about what's up and down, I will try to update this.. (there are so many pages about this it's out of control).


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