Sony Still Doing it Wrong

Spain has arrested 3 guys who they believe were part of the PlayStation network outage. Hackers aren't supposed to be in prison, they should be in front of a computer playing with code and publishing papers and stuff. Participating in making the collective brain smarter... . Of course most humans seem to confound "hacker" with some other negative concept. Let's not forget this all started when 2 hackers got arrested for publishing knowledge about the consoles they purchased.

Anyway, utopian ideas aside, PlayStation seems to really be doing it wrong. Sony's comeback plan consists of trying to get the millions they "lost" back by sending whoever they can find and blame to prison etc etc. Worst part is many of these "kids" are probably Sony clients... .. .

This means, bad publicity, not to mention a kick in the nest. On the upside, people living in the northern hemisphere might have a good reason to spend summer outdoors.. .

So, Mr and/or Mrs Sony, if you read this, at the least, just let it go, at best, encourage hackers to tweak/modify the console and publish whatever they find. If it were like that I might even buy one (and you would have one more Blu-ray drive infiltrated into a home).

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