Sony Pictures has been compromised last month. Many internal documents were released on November 24th, responsibility was claimed by a group called 'GOP' (Guardians of Peace). The amount of data stolen from them was estimated at 100TB (in other words: A LOT and then way more than more).

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All Watched Over by Machines of Lulzing Grace

Lulz is everywhere and suddenly. They appear to have attacked (by cyber means) half of the Internets, so far only parts of the bad half have been hit. Some say this is a fork of Anonymous, the group that isn't really a group. Others even suspect they could be an undercover group of government ag...

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LulzSec versus FBI

The U.S. government has declared that hacking can now to be considered an act of war in certain circumstances. Until now when someone hacked into a system they could eventually be traced and get some fine or even prison time and such. Now if it's an act of war, well, I guess they consider they c...

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