All Watched Over by Machines of Lulzing Grace


Lulz is everywhere and suddenly. They appear to have attacked (by cyber means) half of the Internets, so far only parts of the bad half have been hit. Some say this is a fork of Anonymous, the group that isn't really a group. Others even suspect they could be an undercover group of government agents looking to attract 1337 h4x0r5 in to their net.

This article talks about the subject, paranoia, informers, denunciation, etc... note the DarkMarket incident. From a suspicious point of view, this all looks very suspicious.

From what I originally understood, this group formed partly because of the absurd idea from the U.S. government that cybercrimes should be considerable as acts of war. Maybe some people don't believe there is a difference between actual war crimes and a good old DDoS ?

So what should we make of a cyber attack where British intelligence officers attack Al Qaida's website. They replaced a recipe for a bomb with a recipe for cupcakes, the style is very Lulz by the way. Does this mean that the U.S.A. gov considers that the U.K. just declared war on Al-Quaida ? Does this legitimise any eventual response ?

This may sound a bit hippie but, can't we just DDoS each other and own each other's blogs without going all atomic bomb or navy seal ? That would be nice.