Lulzsec retires... ..

A couple of days ago Lulz Security decided to retire after 50 days of fun and games. Some condemn their acts and say that even if there is a point to be made it is still illegal/bad to attack someone's computer. Others are glad to see that such institutions that many trust are getting exposed for not securing information people trust them with.. . And there is anything in between.

In all this there are some that actually go out of their way to illegally attack what they claim to be, LulZ Security's computers, and expose them to the authorities and anyone who has Internet. You can read their pastebin log here.

I read through this and so far, it looks like these guys are mainly upset because they consider themselves to be the real "hackers" and they should be getting all the glory points. I sense bitterness as they call LulzSec "kiddies" all the time etc etc, yet the A-Team seems to still have difficulties with spelling...

Anyway, they're probably all kids and there's nothing wrong with being a kid IMHO, it happens to most people at some point.

Speaking of kids, another group called TeaMp0isoN_ is also angry with Lulz Security, looks like some rivalry issue as they have just exposed Tony Blair's private info obtained from his webmail that is running outdated software.

So just when you thought that your summer newstainement (for geeks) was over... . .

Update: It seems that TeaMp0isoN_ and Sabu have been sending each other many friendly tweets. TeaMp0isoN_ kept asking Sabu to delete his/her account, that actually made me LOL. The conversation has halted so far when TeaMp0isoN_ said: im not going to tweet until iv hacked AnonOPs

TeamPoison: im not going to tweet until iv hacked AnonOPs
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