Bing - Finding 404 Pages

I noticed a few too many 404 hits while doing some spring cleaning. Those hits were mostly caused by Bing's Bingbot.

As often, I started to question everything I've ever done. Do I have broken links somewhere ? Is the sitemap broken ? What about the RSS feed ? I'm sure I...

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Why I hate Ubuntu: Reason #14

You know how when you search for something within a search engine and the first results are adverts (sponsored links) ?

Now, you can get that feature right in your desktop environment ! Indeed Ubuntu has now added this thing, when you search for a program through the "len...

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Okular and "DRM"

Today I wanted to copy paste something from a PDF file, because you know, technology and all that. To my surprise the option to copy as replaced with Copy forbidden by DRM message.

I found that Okular's obedience to DRM is an option tha...

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NameSecure - Killing in the DNS of

I've been helping a friend with some projects of his, mostly websites and email. Very simply put, as I'm trying to host his stuff I need to set things up on my servers, this is supposed to be the "long" part, and then just edit a couple of DNS records... easy peasy.

The difficult part c...

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Broken Design - Sink

This sink's design is broken in at least 2 ways.

This sink was installed only a few months ago in a high tech low spec building, yet the hot and cold water are distributed in 2 separate faucets. In the year 2011 you still have to chose between...

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Reporting Spam to hotmail

I have been receiving some spam from authenticated hotmail users lately, so I thought it could be useful to report it to them. Remembering some of the Microsoft logic I decided to use the Bing search engine to find out what kind of process they may have set up for the common people to use. Of c...

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I have found a public transportation system worse than the Parisian RATP. In total there are more lines affected than non affected.. : ]. It's totally out of control this Underground.

These are photos of the Transport for London website..

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