NameSecure - Killing in the DNS of

I've been helping a friend with some projects of his, mostly websites and email. Very simply put, as I'm trying to host his stuff I need to set things up on my servers, this is supposed to be the "long" part, and then just edit a couple of DNS records... easy peasy.

The difficult part commenced when I tried to simply change an IP and perhaps add an MX record for one of his domains.. I logged in to NameSecure's crappy interface, I edited the record, again and again and nothing changes.. Well, maybe after about 10/15 minutes of trying it did, however the SOA was not aware of any modifications, even 3 days later !

Do this for 3 domains and you start to get a headache.

So I write to their support and ask them to apply the changes I need, to which they reply to my friend that it can take up to 96 hours... of course they are just brushing the ticket away and throwing words about propagation (of course I don't care about propagation, I ask the SOA directly when I'm checking this sort of thing). But still, nothing works anyway. A mess.

Namesecure sucks. You shouldn't take only my word, just search the Interweb and see for yourself. Or worse, register a domain that is critical to you with them.

Solution: Move to a real registrar. Your domain name is important, it should be registered with a real registrar made of real people who know how to actually do things.. One that gives you a real interface in which you can add records, press submit and magically it's there on the screen, it's like you didn't just waste your time. An example of a good company that can manage domain names properly is It just works. It's quite amazing that there are so many "domain name companies", and I really mean MANY, that simply do not work and/or are totally crappy.

Anyway, the first and most important word on their website is "cheap", that means a lot.