The W3C is Officially Sold

The short version is that the W3C approved DRM (Digital Rights/Restrictions Management) and the process was not very open. The inclusion of DRM within the W3C standards has been fought against for years, after an appeal the decision is final: The W3C is no longer for the open and accessib...

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Tell W3C We Don't Want DRM in HTML

The discussion about implement DRM in HTML has been ongoing on the W3C mailing lists for a while now. Sometimes it seems more of a flame war than others. Companies like Netflix, Microsoft and even Google are trying to push for a standard that would allow the content distributors to...

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Okular and "DRM"

Today I wanted to copy paste something from a PDF file, because you know, technology and all that. To my surprise the option to copy as replaced with Copy forbidden by DRM message.

I found that Okular's obedience to DRM is an option tha...

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Day Against DRM - 2012

Tomorrow, May 4th 2012, will be Day Against DRM. Take a moment to reflect on the devices you perhaps use that may infringe on your digital Freedoms.

The short version is, many digital devices and software are designed to restrict the usage you can ...

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Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

Humble Bundle is back and it's cooler than ever (because it's frozen). The idea is:

  • Pay what you want
  • Support charity
  • DRM free

The really cool part is that it will run on the operating system that reasonable people prefer, GNU/Linux. The gam...

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