Online Privacy vs Privacy

A quick word about the term "online privacy", or "Internet privacy".

I dislike when politicians and media talk about "online privacy". It's as if it's a specific notion that only applies to a virtual world detached from reality. Perhaps many discard its importance and translate it to "s...

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ISP vs VPN vs Tor

I've seen way too many comments about people using VPNs and/or Tor as a shield to any kind of possible breach of privacy and/or security in general. I'm going to attempt to explain very simply what they do, because these are good tools, but using them the wrong way can void their purpose.

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You Are A Criminal

If you are American it is possible that by violating the Terms of Service of a website (which constantly change without warning) that you are a criminal. With that in mind, here are my Terms of Service: By visiting this website you are exceeding your authorized access. Therefor...

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Tell W3C We Don't Want DRM in HTML

The discussion about implement DRM in HTML has been ongoing on the W3C mailing lists for a while now. Sometimes it seems more of a flame war than others. Companies like Netflix, Microsoft and even Google are trying to push for a standard that would allow the content distributors to...

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The Future of the Internet

In some coffee shops you can easily get access to the Internet, what they do is just give you the password and voila. Neat right ? Anyway, these other coffee shops, chains to be precise, hire a 3rd party company to do it for them. So the other day I went in to one of them to get a coffee and an ...

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We Need to Kill Hollywood

Over the past 10 years or so the entertainment industry has been whining about losing money because of the Internet. Of course it is (most probably) false. The crazy thing isn't the bitching, it's the desire to have full control of human communication, over the Internet at least.

I am s...

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OEmbed a Good Idea, But it Sucks

Today I heard about OEmbed, my first reaction was to implement it, of course ! The idea is to define a way of providing a page preview. Say you post a link on a microblog or something, the said microblog or something can visit the link, figure out what the resource is to obtain the preview, or O...

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Sweet Liberty, You're Giving Me Diabetes

Over and over again corporations have been trying to control the Internet and make it their product and governments have been trying to make it their terrain. Meanwhile many, the masses, think it's fine, nothing wrong with any of this. People like shiny new products and the government is just try...

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Great Firewall of Europe

I don't even know how to go about writing about this.. So the Internet used to be a place where physical location did not matter.. Then websites started to deny access depending on your IP's declared physical location... .

Innovation being a part of the Internet, it seems that we may so...

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