PirateBay Dropped Out of the Internet

Since last night I noticed that The Pirate Bay's website appeared down. I checked in this morning, checked via multiple locations (from different countries) and same result. I asked a few friends to help figure this one out because this is not a DNS issue and it seemed to be more t...

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We Need to Kill Hollywood

Over the past 10 years or so the entertainment industry has been whining about losing money because of the Internet. Of course it is (most probably) false. The crazy thing isn't the bitching, it's the desire to have full control of human communication, over the Internet at least.

I am s...

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Great Firewall of Europe

I don't even know how to go about writing about this.. So the Internet used to be a place where physical location did not matter.. Then websites started to deny access depending on your IP's declared physical location... .

Innovation being a part of the Internet, it seems that we may so...

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Turn It In; Turn It Off

Today I notice a new bot called "turnitinbot" crawling my site and not for a new search engine.. this one is different. There is a new site called turnitin.com which sells a service to students and schools to prevent plagiarism, the idea is that students submit their work to Turnitin who then ve...

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