We Need to Kill Hollywood

Over the past 10 years or so the entertainment industry has been whining about losing money because of the Internet. Of course it is (most probably) false. The crazy thing isn't the bitching, it's the desire to have full control of human communication, over the Internet at least.

I am so tired of them that it is unbelievable, the only reason these people have any power is because people actually buy their products and hence provide them with a neat fortune.

From here on I am going to go out of my way to not purchase anything that provides them with income. I am already not a big client of theirs, however it can happen that I legally watch a movie or buy a movie merchandise, that's done.

I do not support the "Entertainment Industry" (anymore at least), I would like to see them disappear for good. I am not afraid of not being entertained.



Oh yeah, Big Content must die. They're dinosaurs who failed to adapt to the environment and they must die out.

Let's pirate them to extinction! :-D

manu - http://manurevah.com

haha.. : ]

I agree they are dinosaurs who fail to adapt, so much that they are spending their fortune trying to retrograde society instead of evolving.

As for pirating them to death, I'd prefer to forget about them totally.. The industry is totally tainting the taste of their products.

(but pirating is less worse then compensating them.. )
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