Vic Toews Wants to Spy on Underage Children

Vic Toews wants to spy on underage children, and all other Canadians. At least that is what I understood from what I read today.

A Twitter user created the account vikileaks30 to enable others to get to know Vic Toews a bit better. It's an interesting demonstration of how it can be disturbing to have your personal life available to people you don't know.

One of the things that if find interesting in this proposal is: Force internet providers and other makers of technology to provide a "back door" to make communications accessible to police. It reminds me of Symantec's dodgy unpatched and perhaps intentional backdoor they let lay around for a few years.

Anyway, it's been hard keeping up with the torrents of laws that are being thrown around these days, but most of them lately are focused on the dying entertainment industry. The other thing being again, that this law seems to want to actively gather information about the users themselves, read their emails and all that stuff. Every Canadian's emails that is, and every Canadian child of course, hence Vic Toews wants to spy on underage children.

Update: This very short clip tells a long story..